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Discount Granite Counters MA & RI Q&A

A couple times a month I think about granite counters MA & RI questions customers ask me.

Why RI? Everyone loves deals. People travel all over for them. I love them just as much as you do. Sometimes I have customers ask about discount pricing they’ve seen online or in the newspaper.

Granite Counters MA & RI Question #1

What’s the difference between deep discounts and high quality? A lot. But there are deals out there. You just need to know what you’re looking at in terms of quality.

The differences between deals and shoddy discounts are easy. Poor seams, Poor polish, Poor installation.

Granite Counters MA & RI Question #2

Why can’t I buy  deep discount counters and have you install it? You can. However, I don’t advise it. Even if you pay another contractor to do the job.

Why? It’s like buying a discounted suit at Marshalls. Then asking a tailor to make it look like an Armani. Very few times have I ever seen deep discount granite or marble come in pristine condition.

Granite Counters MA & RI Question #3

Am I stuck having many seams in my countertop design to save money? Absolutely not. Some contractors provide you with two optons:

  1. Buy the deep discount granite and get stuck with a lot of seams.
  2. Over-spend on large expensive granite slabs.

granite counters maI disagree. There’s always a middle road. A while ago I had a customer come to me on fixed budget. As in, this is the number, max! So we invited her to tour our granite facility. There we have plenty of remnant granite slabs from some of our commercial jobs. Within an hour of looking and chatting with us, we were able to help her discover a gorgeous leftover piece we installed with no seam.


Drop us a line about granite counters MA, RI or anywhere else in the Boston area.

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