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Granite Countertops Boston

A long time ago I had a conversation with a kind homeowner about granite countertops Boston companies. She visited the big box stores to look at samples. Then on to glitzy showrooms filled with high-end granite.

Her next stop was the best one of all. Home. After listening to her frustrations getting the run around from unqualified salespeople, I asked her a few questions.

Granite Countertops Boston Question #1

What is your lighting density in your kitchen? This is a big piece of the design puzzle. Think about it. When you’re looking at granite slabs or counters in a showroom, the lighting is commercial. Most homeowner kitchens and bathrooms have softer lighting.

The density, or wattage, of your lighting will play into how your countertops look.

When I meet with a homeowner, I recommend they always look at a sample of the granite they chose in their home prior to installation.  Doing so provides a true picture how different granites will appear in their home.

Granite Countertops Boston Question #2

What is your seam expectation? Seams can be minimal or none. It depends on your layout and budget. Something we have in our Hudson facility is a plethora of remnant slab pieces from large-scale jobs. Some granite countertops Boston customers will schedule an appointment to tour or inventory.

Granite Countertops Boston Question #3

granite countertops bostonHave you thought about your grain direction? This relates to wavy or flowing granite patterns in the slab. I recommend the grain direction be consistent throughout your project. This is vital when two pieces join at the seam. Granite countertop Boston contractors without decades of experience in the trade often make this mistake. When I work with a homeowner, we actually review all grain patterns to get our final design just right.

It’s no surprise more homeowners are considering granite countertops Boston contractors. Remember these tips:

  • Take your time selecting your favorites
  • Interview top granite countertops Boston contractors
  • Ask for references (5-10)

So often granite countertops Boston area shoppers have questions. Don’t be shy. If you’re interviewing granite countertops Boston contractors and need free advice, contact me.

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