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Granite Countertops MA

granite countertops maIf you’re shopping granite countertops MA contractors, consider three things.

These are the biggies I always tell homeowners.

  • Stop
  • Think
  • Plan

I know it sounds too simple. Having been in this business for decades, I can assure you the biggest mistake many homeowners make is rushing the process. Instead, think about the process you will use to make your decisions.

Granite Countertops MA: Stop

Many homeowners make the biggest mistake of all. Choosing design elements and a contractor based on pressure. I realize companies with credible references can sometimes be difficult to find (ones with a dozen customers you can call). Time is your best investment in the process researching your granite countertops MA project.

For every successful installation my team does (going on thousands after more than 20 years) I hear many  nightmares about poor ones. Take your time when considering granite countertops MA contractors. Choosing the most qualified one will pay off exponentially in stress relief. I recommend slowing down the process when you interview granite countertops MA contractors for your project.

Remember, once you’ve made your choice and the dust starts flying you’re committed to your granite countertops MA contractor.

Granite Countertops MA: Think

I once had a job in a woman’s home filled with beautiful antiques. Some valued more than some of my trucks. We had a long talk about my crew. How I hired them. Details about their backgrounds. Even security issues while we would be installing her new granite counters. Really think about the granite countertops MA contractors you hire and then welcome into your home.

I recommend speaking with at least six references to confirm the granite countertops MA contractor’s credibility. But make sure to ask the same questions to every granite countertops MA contractor.

Why? So you can compare apples to apple answers. Doing so helps you evaluate who is worth speaking to again. Then making calls to some of their recent granite countertops MA customers.

Granite Countertops MA: Plan

Often when I meet with homeowners for the first time, I see one thing. Uncertainty. Both design and of course budgeting. Then a decision-making standard to weed out the styles you dislike. Having a selection plan helps you choose granite options systematically. Your favorite design may develop picking elements from many. Don’t fall for the old granite countertops MA trick of choosing from just a handful of colors and looks.

It’s not enough these days to get it in writing. Instead, seeing daily progress of your granite countertops MA installation is vital. A scheduled plan will give you peace of mind.

Another thing to think about is the unexpected. So I recommend you speak with your granite countertops MA prospective contractors to find out how they deal with surprises.

Your granite countertops MA options are unlimited if you know what to consider in terms of design and price. Face it. There are many contractors offering crazy prices.

Beware. A qualified granite countertops MA contractor should be able to show you the differences in quotes based on materials. One of the most overlooked material options is remnant granite or marble. For instance, many granite countertops MA stores downplay considering remnant stock. Why? Because they want to sell you what they have which of course is full retail product.

Remnant Granite Countertops MA Selection

You’re probably wondering what the quality will be like right? It depends. We warehouse hundreds of high-quality inventory at our facility. It’s smart to tour their facility and inspect everything.

Contact our granite countertops MA team for a free consult.

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