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Granite Countertops Massachusetts: 5 Buying Tips

granite countertops massachusettsAre you starting to shop granite countertops Massachusetts kitchen options?

It’s a process. One that comes with some interesting decisions. Something I’ve found being in this business for decades, is the process requires a few things for success. Without these tips, your budget can run wild.

It’s obvious many home improvement stores are looking to maximize profits. So enticing you into their showrooms is their first goal. Almost always it begins with a lost leader offer. Something like $9.95 per sqaure foot. What you don’t know is it’s orange. Here’s a few others I often see…

  • “Granite countertops Massachusetts half price sale”
  • “Free installation on all granite countertops Massachusetts”
  • “Granite countertops Massachusetts liquidation sale”

Granite Countertops Massachusetts Tip #1

Choosing your granite is going to be your biggest challenge. No brainer there:-). But what many homeowners forget is you have thousands to consider. Doing so can be frustrating.

My team does things differently. We actually get to you know you before asking you to think about slab designs. It’s important for us to discover your hot buttons. Having installed thousands of beautiful countertops, we like to get a feel for your personality before venturing into slab choices.

Granite countertops Massachusetts Tip #2

Think remnant. Too many contractors and expensive showrooms suggest you buy off the shelf. Guess what? Off the shelf pieces come with those big price tags.

We recommend homeowners do something you can’t at the big box stores. Consider remnant granite or marble leftovers from our previous installs. The savings can be staggering.

Granite Countertops Massachusetts Tip #3

Granite Countertops MassachusettsDo not rush your design decision. This concept is often overlooked.

Designs you initially see may not be as attractive over time. Remember, once the countertops are in your home, you’re going to look at them for decades.

Granite Countertops Massachusetts Tip #4

Interview, follow up and then dissect. Contractor quotes can come with enormous amounts of element to consider. One company may offer you a discount on something called “pre-manufactured” granite. Others, such as my company, only use high-quality stone.

Granite Countertops Massachusetts Tip #5

Seams. They are needed. But the goal is fewer. Speak with your granite countertops Massachusetts contractor about where they seams will display. Too many sometimes can indicate they’re trying to piece together old stock.

Contact us today if you’re in need of free advice about granite countertops Massachusetts options.

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