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Granite MA Confessions

Are you shopping Granite MA stores for deals?

Everyone loves insider tips. Just read through the Wall Street Journal and you’ll see ads offering plenty of them. But what you won’t see are confessions from people that lost money. In the last few years, I’ve heard some awful stories of homeowners losing patience and money on their kitchen redesign.

My 4 Granite MA Confessions

  • Knowing what to avoid always saves you aggravation. Because there are thousands of patterns and granite choices, I recommend you make a list of what you don’t like, so you can focus on the look you do. It sounds simple. However, organization helps in design decisions.
  • Granite MA installation requires skill and experience to avoid mistakes. Be very careful whom you hire. Check all their references asking about how their project developed and if the homeowner was happy with the work.
  • Choosing the best granite is a process that should not be rushed. Too many times I see families make rash decisions simply to make a final decision. Bad idea.
  • The lighting in your kitchen or bathroom is significantly different than that of the granite warehouse. Always bring a sample of your selected granite home to check the color in your own lighting conditions.

Granite MA – Do More Planning

granite maDecisions are a funny thing. They come with positive and negative results. We all make hundreds of them a day. However, when you’re making a granite decision, it comes with decades of time once your countertops are installed. It’s not rocket science. But I have found after more than 25 years in the business, the best made decisions are the ones that come with careful consideration.

Shopping granite MA retailers can challenging. I know, I’ve been in many of their stores! Take your time, ask questions like:

  1. How do you help us budget for what we want?
  2. Can you share some granite MA installations you’ve done?
  3. Do you offer remnant granite or marble?
  4. Does your granite MA installers work for you or are they sub-contractors?

Genuine references are a must. Ask for phone numbers. Emailing someone about a granite MA job is too risky. A fictitious email account can be set up in a few seconds. Protect yourself and your investment by choosing a trusted, local granite MA contractor. Research their reputation and credibility.

Or contact our granite MA team for free help.

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