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Kitchen Remodeling MA: 5 Big Blunders to Avoid Video

Kitchen Remodeling MAWe’ve all see kitchen remodeling MA stories in the Globe. Nightmares how a homeowner was duped by a contractor. Or worse. Shoddy workmanship, half-completed jobs and the usual drama associated with the trades.

However, these days you have many options to research contractor complaints through Here’s the link to do your own search.

After more than two decades in the kitchen remodeling MA business, I’ve seen some homeowners make rookie hiring mistakes. What follows are my top 5…

Kitchen Remodeling MA Foul Up #5: Price

This is always a tricky subject. For example, let’s say you’ve budgeted $15,000 for a remodel. Kitchen remodeling MA contractor A says he can do it for $15,000. His references check out, he has an actual office and plenty of local customer projects to showcase.

But then kitchen remodeling MA contractor B submits a bid for $10,995. What do you do? Less always feels like more to many homeowners. As in more money in savings. Beware. Some contractors offer lower rates because of sub-standard products and labor. Remember, high-quality and service equals value. You need to compare apples-apples in materials. Then evaluate their service history.

Kitchen Remodeling MA Blunder #4: References

Sure you’re going to ask for references. Although my recommendation is to carefully dissect what kind of references you receive. Confirm some of them meet theses standards:

  • They’re from kitchen remodeling MA customers who live locally
  • You can speak with them about their project
  • Provide details about the work performed
  • How unexpected issues were resolved

Kitchen Remodeling MA Miscue #3: Insurance

Don’t just ask if they have it. Request a copy of the policy. Then call the agent to confirm their policy is still in effect.

Kitchen Remodeling MA Snafu #2: Small Stuff

Don’t feel awkward asking how they perform daily work. Like what time their workday starts and ends. These people will be coming and going in and out of your home often. So it’s critical you know what to expect. Other questions include:

  • What precautions will be used to protect my floors and carpets?
  • Is work debris dealt with everyday or at the end of the job?

Kitchen Remodeling MA Mistake #1: Termination

Every kitchen remodeling MA contractor handles termination clauses differently. However, it’s worth asking how they do so. Doing so protects you if the project contract is not met giving you the option of terminating it. A slow and steady process is your best defense making a poor hiring decision. Remember, all kitchen remodeling MA contractors are vying for your business. So don’t feel rushed.

Need help? Contact us about kitchen remodeling MA today.

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